Maternity Memories

    Maternity is all about welcoming your baby
into a warm and loving family. 

It starts with preparing a room, freshening it up
with colors, a crib, and toys. A good supply of baby
clothes and diapers is also a primary goal. 

    Nine months goes by quick! 

 Along the way, it’s a good idea to have some fun
and capture the special event with photos that will last a life time.

    Maternity photography is all about relaxing
and enjoying the moment.

Wearing clothes that your are comfortable with
is very important because it sets the mood
of the whole session. 

I personally take time to gain an understanding
of how comfortable you are and what kind of pictures
interest you. Taking it one step at a time and pacing
the shoot helps keep the session relaxed and conserve energy.

Typically maternity sessions are done in the 5th to 6th month
of pregnancy, but depending on the type of photos you want,
 can be done earlier or a bit later.

pregnant mother holging baby shoes stand in front of crib

   Creating memories starts with a little imagination, like showing off new baby clothes, and adding a brand new set of shoes to the family lineup for the baby to fit right in..

three pair of shoes, dad mom and baby sneakers

woman posing by brick wall with pregnant belly bow tie

    Now comes the fun part, the ever growing belly.  Pregnancy changes your body and embellishes the stomach, capturing the proud moment with a bow or measuring tape is a nice way to mark the moment.

Pregnant woman with measuring tape on belly

expecting father and mother hugging and kissing

    Proud parents show their love and set the mood for the new addition to their relationship.     

    Couple’s affection for each other rubs off on the growing life they helped to create and framing that moment puts a cover page on a child’s journey ahead.

silhouette poses of pregnant mother, its a boy

   Enjoying the time of pregnancy and awaiting the arrival of the newborn are moments when we are starting to be proud of being upcoming parents.

silhouette pregnant mother holding baby shoes

pregnant mom shines light with teddy bear on baby crib

    Final preparation and awaiting the miracle Due date

    If you are interested in framing memories of your pregnancy,
I invite you to see my available offers and look forward in sharing your joy.