Wedding packages

Wedding packages:

Basic Package:

-Pictures of the wedding ceremony (church, chapel)

-Photos from the wedding reception (up to 1:00am)

-400 Digital images

-20 images with graphic design

-Images on a USB Pen

-Internet gallery (for 3 months)

Price: 1,500 zł

Extended Package:

-Photos of the preparations and blessings at home,

-Pictures of the wedding ceremony (church, chapel)

-Photos from wedding reception (up to 1:00am)

-500 Digital images

-50  images with graphic design

-Images on a USB Pen

-Wedding album with 80 pictures inmixed formats 10×15, 13×18, 15×21, Photos for the album can be choosen by the young couple.

-Internet gallery (for 3 months)

Price: 2200           

Additional services:

Outdoor session, organized on a chosen day, place proposed by the young couple or by the photographer. 30 images with graphic design

Price 500

Engagement session, in a place proposed by the couple. 30 images with graphic design.

Price 450

Bachelor/Bachelorette session during the evening. Time = 1h, 30 pictures with graphic design.

Price 200

Additional wedding album dedicated to parents/witnesses/other selected person with 50 pictures in 10×15, 13×18, 15×21 formats

Price 250 zł

An Album in the form of a photobook, 26 pages (with the possibility of adding more for a fee), each page originally designed plus a cover. It is possible to place selected texts in the photobook.

Price 800 zł

Wedding website available for 12 months, with a presentation of Wedding/Engagement – Bachelor/Bachelorette photos

 Price 500 zł

Large Print and Framing – The price depends on the selected format and Frame.