Wedding, the story of one special day.

    Wedding photography is a story written jointly by a photographer and a young couple. Frame by frame, as page after page, history is created. Your task is to enjoy every moment and experience of your special day, my task; immortalize it on commemorative photos.

spacer po kościele plenner młoda para


                 We all want to make this day perfect. I care about registering every detail, so our meetings often begin early at the stage of home preparation.

Domowe przygotowania weselne pan młody Świadek

Świadkowa zakłada naszyjnik pannie młodej

Świadek pomaga przy ubieraniu pana mlodego

świadkowa ubiera panną mlodą

mloda para na wersalsce dzien ślubu

Wedding “I DO”

                In the Church or a private chapel the most important moment is the exchange of rings and the oath of mutual love. Because the photographer is not sitting in one place, like the rest of invited witnesses, he can take pictures from many perspectives, and capture the moments that wont happen again.

młodą parę przed ołtarzem

wymiana perścieni

pan młody pierścionek w kościele

zdjęcia ślubne w kościele

Camera Technology

          Professional equipment gives you amazing possibilities. I use Fish-eye lens that capture the image wider than the range of human vision. This way we get great shots of the Interior of the Church and the Wedding Hall and we gain the ability to gather everything in one photo.

fotograf zdjecie sprzęt fish eye przy ołtarzu

The wedding party that are fun, always seems too short.

            After the official part comes time to share joy with invited guests.  For many of you it is important to capture a photo of each of them. Here begins my journey through the dance and Wedding hall.  Every guest becomes a hero of a certain shot. I like taking natural, spontaneous photos.  I try to take pictures from a distance remaining unseen, while always “at hand”.

panna młoda z gośćmi na parkiecie

weselni goście na parkiecie

ujęcia z zaprosznymi gośćmi

ujecia smieszne zdjecie parkiecie

ujecia smieszne zdjecie

Show what without you maybe no one saw

        Bride in the eyes of the children.  Why not! Photography is a reflection of the imagination of the photographer. If you have a sufficiently good technique you can create an image that was originally in your head. Photography is fun, thanks to which it can be unforgettable.

marzenie dziewczyńki pierwszy taniec

    Unique photos are often “in the background” of important events. The photographer’s work is wonderful, because it involves observing the people, their behavior and emotions, and preservation of their, often unique scenes – forever 🙂


emocje przed tortem

ujecia weselne zdjecie parkiecie

Goście pocałunek w ręke

chwila emocji wesele Para Młoda

    If you want me to accompany You  on your the wedding day I invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact us. See you:)